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picture of Dr. Brian Wentz My research interests focus on the implications that web accessibility and usability can have on business, technology, education, employment, public policy and societal inclusion. Inclusive design research is of growing importance to the information systems field and business, in general. More companies are realizing the value of including access for the broadest population of individuals, as education, litigation, and public policy activity is strengthening this awareness.

I try to help students understand foundational computing and information systems principles through lectures, but I also try to use hands-on labs or assignments when appropriate. I also try to provide research opportunities for interested students.

Before joining the academic community, I worked full-time in industry for over eight years and held a number of professional certifications. My master's thesis at Penn State University and my doctoral dissertation at Towson University both focused on accessibility and usability for individuals with disabilities.

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student who is interested in working on an applied research or service learning project, please review my research and publications pages, and set up a time to meet with me. Every semester I work with undergraduate and graduate students who are dedicated and motivated towards expanding their learning opportunities beyond the classroom in a way that will have an impact on their education, their future career, and graduate school opportunities.